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start-up session 

Virtual event –¬† Thursday the 27th June 9:30am – 12:30pm

RSVP by Thursday 20th June, 4pm

The Knoei Colab start-up session includes industry representatives who will be giving up their time to come and mentor you. If you commit to coming along, we need you to ensure you will attend this virtual event so please block out this time in your calendar!

By special invitation, you are invited to attend our Knoei Colab start-up session.

Still refining your idea? Come along for the opportunity to work with an industry experts on your start-up idea.

Are you further along in your start-up journey and ready to look at how to prototype? In this session, you’ll have to opportunity to work with another industry expert on ‘how to’ & where to start.

You’ll get to work with like minded founders, with a sole focus on your start-up!

Knoei Colab - Start up session

Start-Up Session

My focus for the start-up session will be...(Required)
Tara will be hosting this session and we will have a number of industry experts attending with a focus on ideation of your start-up idea & Prototyping.
If you ticked other, please let us know what you'd like help working through during this session. Or if you have any questions or comments, leave them here.