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knoei microcredentials are outcomes focused facilitator-led short courses that empower young innovators to turn their visionary ideas into actionable solutions


Why do a knoei

Innovation Ideation

Find your start-up idea in 10 weeks

The way we see problems shapes the way we tackle them.
This microcredential is all about learning to see challenges in a new light—through the lens of innovation.
Whether you’re aiming to kickstart your own venture or be involved in an innovation project within an existing organisation or project, this course equips young entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with the skills to ideate ground-breaking start-up or innovation ideas, ensuring you’re not just ready for the future, but actively shaping it.

about this microcrendential

The “Innovation and Ideation” microcredential is an education course that is perfect for up-and-coming entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs keen to carve out their own start-up venture. This course dives into what it takes to think like an entrepreneur, highlighting how emotional intelligence—like knowing your emotions and managing them—can make a big difference in business.
You’ll get hands-on with techniques to boost your creative and critical thinking, helping you come up with smart solutions to big issues. By analysing real-world case studies, you will gain practical insights into problem identification and solution development within successful startups.
Key to the course is the development of your ability to assess the market viability and desirability of your ideas and you get to do this in partnership with industry mentors and specialists. You will explore and validate the commercial potential of your startup idea, equipped with skills in effective pitching, storytelling, and convincing communication—vital for any start-up founder to engage supporters and customers.

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Program Outline

The course will comprise online interactive workshops, readings, case studies and activities.

Over the eight weeks of the course, participants can expect a time commitment of approximately 5 hours per week, consisting of:

  • 2hr ‘kick-off’ and ‘wrap-up’ workshops at the start and end of the course
  • 1 hour online workshop via Zoom
  • 2 hours case study exploration and group work
  • 1 hours per week reading and reflection
  • 1 hours per week assessments.

The following content will be covered during the course:

  • An introduction to key theories of start up ideation and innovation
  • Case studies of real-world issues
  • Industry and start-up presentations
  • Practical tools that will be used by participants to ideate a start-up solution and assess market viability and desirability

Week 1: Innovation Mindset

Week 2: Innovation, Ideation and Invention

Week 3: Exploring Market Opportunities

Week 4: Opportunity Analysis

Week 5: Ideating the Solution

Week 6: Customer Mapping

Week 7: Business Model Development

Week 8: Pitch and Storytelling

Participants will work collaboratively in teams to apply practices and skills to a start-up idea either their own, in a team or a real world industry problem

Learning Objectives

In completing this microcredential, participants will have gained experience in:

  • Applying practical tools and approaches to explore a problem worth solving and ideating a solution
  • Generating a feasible innovation idea

Participants will undertake individual and group activities. They can choose to complete assessment tasks in addition to these group activities with the opportunity to obtain credits into other education pathways including other Knoei programs. All participants will receive a digital badge and certificate of completion.


To complete this online course, you will need a personal computer with adequate internet access and sufficient software and bandwidth to support web conferencing.

$295 (inc GST)

START DATE: 7th July

MODE: Online

DURATION: 10 Weeks

Approx 3 hours a week

Fast Facts.

Who‘s it for?

The knoei nano microcredentials are designed for young (15 – 25yrs) innovators interested in the industries and work of the future. We want you to get the biggest bang for your learning buck and gain skills that have tangible currency in changing workplaces. All microcredentials obtain a digital badge and sharebale credential.

The knoei nano’s are not just courses; they are a launchpad for young innovators ready to make a difference and learn real leadership and business skills to shape the future.

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7th July – 14th September 2024 (filling fast)
enrolments close 15th June

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