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We’re excited to share the news about the Knoei Colab, programs to give you more pathways after school – to university, to your own business or to a job with their industry connections.

If you have finished one of our Young Entrepreneurs Hub programs or attended a BOP workshop you are ready to get started with the right foundations to jump straight into the Knoei Colab. You can choose the Colab as one of your subject choices for Grade 11 or 12 or do the program post school.

For students

Knoei Colab in school

Start here, go anywhere

Join the exciting world of entrepreneurship with Knoei Colab’s innovation diploma*, a cool and different way to prepare for university through project-based learning.

But studying the diploma won’t feel like school. You’ll work with your peers and industry leaders plus attend specialist labs with other students.

Best of all, you’ll start up a business that the world really needs by solving a problem that matters most to you.

Get started

Knoei Turbo post school

You’re meant for bigger things than you’re doing right now.

So you’ve left school and you’re finding your way. With Australia’s first Diploma of Entrepreneurship and Innovation*, you can study for 12 months while you work – and start the business you’ve always dreamed about.

We promise you it won’t feel like school. You’ll attend virtual tutorials delivered after hours (so it doesn’t mess with your work schedule) with self-paced online and virtual webinars.

The program works the same way as the longer in-school program.
We just speed up your experience so you can get it done faster and get your new life started.

Get started

Join the exciting world of entrepreneurship with Knoei Colab’s innovation diploma*,
a cool and different way to prepare for university through project-based learning.

Module 1

Innovators mindset


  • Critical thinking
  • Self insight
  • Working with team dynamics
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Self organisation

Module 2

Creative problem solving


  • Market research
  • Evaluate marketing opportunities
  • Project management
  • Problem solving

Module 3

Developing the solution


  • Design product experiments
  • Interpret market research
  • Business model design

Module 4

Prototyping the solution


  • Define a minimum viable product
  • Build and maintain business relationships
  • Decision making

Module 5

Rapid business planning


  • Research and develop business plans
  • Small business structuring & setup
  • Business strategy
  • Small business financial basics

Module 6

Getting to market


  • Clear communication
  • Presentation skills
  • Secure funding to launch and grow a startup
  • Small business funding

*11210NAT Diploma of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
provided by Monarch Institute 22530

Grow our enterprising
future stars

Want to engage your students with
innovation and skills for the future?

The Knoei Colab is Australia’s first innovation incubator for teenagers that offers university and industry pathways.

Knoei school programs provide an opportunity for schools to deliver in curriculum. Give your students a hands-on, practical experience in business and entrepreneurship to kick start their career.

For Schools?

School programming is at the core of what we do at BOP with engagement opportunities ranging from small class workshops to week-long flagship programs, we have something for every school community.

We’re excited to share information with you about the Knoei Colab. This entrepreneurial program builds on the work we do at BOP to give your students more pathways after school.

Delivery Options for Schools

Schools can offer the Knoei Colab in a number of ways…

Career Pathways Brochure

Our university pathways.

Once you graduate with the 10733NAT Diploma of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (provided by Monarch Institute 22530) you can use the qualification as an alternative pathway or early entry to university.

In addition you may receive credit towards a relevant Bachelor program degree options include Business, Engineering, Science and Creative Industries. Other university pathways will be ready for 2024.

*UniSC awards a selection rank of 82.00 to Diploma Graduates. UniSC have pre-assessed credit pathways from this Diploma and has determined students may be eligible for up to 8 courses credit (one year full time) into both the Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting).
*Final credit is determined at point of application and may be impacted by factors such as electives taken within the Diploma and Major chosen within a Bachelor’s degree.

Rose Walker

Program Manager, Transformation CoLab
Bond University

“I work with first-year university students, and I am very excited about the opportunities for entrepreneurial education available to school students through the Knoei Colab.

Entrepreneurial mindsets and skills are critical for the future workforce. School students with these skills will graduate well ahead of their peers – regardless of which pathway they choose to follow.
We are proud to partner with the Knoei Colab and I very much look forward to mentoring the next generation of innovators!”