The Knoei Colab is Australia’s first Co-Curricular Innovation Diploma for teenagers with university and industry pathways. We transform innovation education through practical business skills to prepare our youth to be future leaders.

Knoei is the newest program from groei education. The Growth Education Institute (aka groei) is an innovative education organisation. Our success comes from the partnerships we build with our clients, to make real impact through designing programs that support change.

Our clients include corporate enterprises, local and state government and industry groups, business communities and schools. We develop innovative learning programs nurturing the development of future thinking skills through peer and project-based learning. We curate learning experiences that catalyse change.

groei was started by Innovation educator Tara Jacobsen and small business strategist Amanda Cole in 2019 to deliver hybrid based peer supported learning.

Why knoei? (Pronouced  NOH – ee)

Know yourselfKnow businessKnow innovationKnoei

knoei = know + entrepreneurship + innovation

Knoei (Dutch) (verb) to mess around, create a mess, tinker, manipulate, potter

Inspired by the design squiggle

In the knoei colab students are encouraged to get hands on. Play and tinker with their idea. Find and mess around with a problem they are passionate about to build a business that might solve one of the world’s most intractable problems. Using project based learning and design thinking we inspire hands-on teens to experiment and learn real world problem solving skills.

“The Design Squiggle is a simple illustration of the design process. The journey of researching, uncovering insights, generating creative concepts, iteration of prototypes and eventually concluding in one single designed solution. It is intended to convey the feeling of the journey. Beginning on the left with mess and uncertainty and ending on the right in a single point of focus: the design. “